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Diaspora Digital Media (DDM) is looking for the persons to fill the following vacancies and enhance it’s operations:

1. Experienced Broadcaster (Location: Abuja):

Your role as a broadcast presenter will be to introduce, host (or co-host) programmes, introduce and interview guests and interact with the audience.

The nature of the job may vary according to a programme’s subject matter, for example, if it covers news, business, politics, weather, sport, music or lifestyle.

As a broadcast presenter, you’ll need to:

research topics and background information for items to be featured on the programme
plan and rehearse shows
write and sometimes memorise scripts
liaise with other members of the production and technical teams
introduce and host programmes
interview guests in the studio, by telephone or on location
play music
read short news, traffic, sport or weather reports
provide links between programmes
read from a script or autocue, or improvise
in radio, ‘drive’ the desk and operate some of the technical equipment for recording and playback, using computers to cue up and play music and jingles
keep the programme running to schedule, responding positively and quickly to problems or changes and improvising where necessary
in television, keep in contact with the director and production team in the studio gallery, via ear-piece link
meet with the production crew to assess or review a broadcast, and to plan the next one.

Salary: Very Attractive

To apply as a Broadcaster, send your CV and Application in word or PDF format to +2349059976588 indicating the position you are applying for


2. Social Media Manager (Location: Abuja):

We seek an experienced and competent Social Media Manager to create content and manage the growth of our social media pages.

The successful candidate will employ effective strategies to meet our organic traffic goals, drive engagement, and foster a growing online community.

Key Responsibilities:

Research and create educational and inspirational content for our online platforms with a focus on English language, IELTS, and immigration
Conceptualize, create, and publish content that is aligned with company targets
Develop and ensure consistent brand messaging across all content
Develop content that aligns with our brand voice and guidelines
Maintain an effective content schedule, ensuring timely content production and publication
Produce a variety of visually appealing content, including video, photo, and graphic content for our Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok
Write engaging Twitter threads that are aligned with the industry
Develop creative and captivating captions that enhance the impact of social media posts and encourage audience engagement
Manage content distribution across all social media platforms to increase traffic
Make expert editing decisions to improve the impact of each video deliverable
Ensure audio, color grading, and overall quality of final videos are top-notch.
Come up with creative ad content
Repurpose content to fit each social platform
Oversee the day-to-day operations of our pages across various social media platforms
Actively engage with followers, monitor comments, messages, inquiries, and concerns, responding to and addressing them promptly and professionally to maintain a positive brand image.
Foster meaningful connections with our audience and drive community engagement.
Incorporate SEO best practices into content creation to improve organic search visibility, enhance content visibility, and attract organic traffic to the company’s digital assets.
Collaborate with external influencers, partners, and content creators for co-created content initiatives.
Stay up-to-date with developments and generate new ideas to draw audience attention
Trend identification: Lead the charge in tracking, capturing, and capitalizing on the latest social media trends to keep our content on the cutting edge.
Innovative content creation: Independently propose and test new content ideas to enhance user engagement
Propose and implement innovative social media initiatives, such as promotions, contests, and influencer partnerships to expand brand awareness and engagement.
Stay abreast of updates in the industry and update our audience accordingly as required
Stay abreast of content trends and platform updates to optimize content for maximum reach and impact.
Stay abreast of current best practices in the industry and among competitors
Harness data for insightful strategy: Continuously perform basic market analysis, analyze social media metrics, and perform competitor tracking using analytics tools and hashtag monitoring to measure the success of campaigns, identify trends, and make data-driven recommendations for improvement.
Analytics and Reporting: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as follower growth, engagement rates, and website traffic. Analyze data to assess the effectiveness of social media strategies and make data-driven recommendations for improvement.
Perform regular content audits to ensure content is accurate, optimized, updated, and relevant to the target audience
Carry out any other relevant task as assigned

Job Requirements:

Proven work experience in content creation and social media management
Creativity and the ability to develop original content.
Strong research skills

Social Media Savviness: In-depth knowledge of various social media platforms, their best practices, and emerging trends. Including the use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
Familiarity with social media management tools and analytics platforms.
Ability to develop social media content that provokes engagement
Strong understanding of branding principles and the ability to maintain brand consistency across social media platforms
Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop client-focused social media strategies that align with business goals and drive results.
Good knowledge of timing, motivation, and continuity
Demonstrated skills in storytelling, copywriting, and visual content creation.
Outstanding communication skills and confidence in front of the camera
Organization and Time Management: Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, and prioritize tasks effectively.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a good command of the English language
High proficiency in English
Confident and engaging personality
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Access to reliable high-speed internet connection and good power supply to work online
Strong work ethic
A hands-on attitude. Because you own the mission, when you see something that needs to be done, you do your best to get it done.
Takes initiative in meeting goals
Ability to adapt to change, and work in a flexible capacity

To apply as a Social Media Manager, send your CV and Application in word or PDF format to +2349059976588 indicating the position you are applying for


3. News Content/Article Writers (Location: Abuja):

Proven experience writing Original and Unique News and Articles and content related to Latest News for a News website
Experience working with WordPress CMS is highly beneficial for posting/ producing content
Knowledge of on-page SEO and keyword tools beneficial
Fluent speaker and communicator of the English language.
Necessary work tools to function remotely

To apply as a News Content/Article Writer, send your CV and Application in word or PDF format to +2349059976588 indicating the position you are applying for


4. Graphics Artist (In-Office or Remote) – Location: Abuja


Manage and execute graphics design projects.
Stay updated with industry trends.

• Applicant must have passion for design
• Must be exceptionally good in any of the following (Corel draw, Photoshop, Adobe illustrator or Adobe Figma).
• Must be able to creatively create marketing graphics without any sample.
• strong attention to detail aesthetics.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Proactive approach to project completion, receptive to feedback.

To apply as a Graphics Artist, send your CV and sample of the last 3 graphics job you did alond with your Application in word or PDF format to +2349059976588 indicating the position you are applying for