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2023 AAG: Controversy trails two players’ exclusion from Nigeria’s beach volleyball team



Controversy appears to have hit Nigeria’s male Beach Basketball team over player selection pitching players and some stakeholders against beach volleyball authority ahead of the 13th African Games in Ghana next month.

As learnt, two players, Obayemi Ogunshina and Hilary Simon, were, according to some, left out of the team after qualifying the country for the men’s beach volleyball event.

Both players finished second at the 2023 Nigeria Beach Volleyball Star Tour held in Abuja this February.

According to a volleyball player, Sarah Johnson, there is no rationale whatsoever for dropping the players.

“I do not understand why Hillary and Obayemi’s names are not on the 12 man list.

“Are you sure the Federation knows what they are doing?

“How can you omit people that went for qualifiers, asked the bemused.

Though tactical considerations often leads to controversial team selection in sports, stakeholders in the game rule out this, though.

Games Village VC player, Uadiale Ehiguase accused the coaching crew of selecting players who will share their allowances with them.

Sports coach come under frequent accusation of selecting pliable athletes that can easily be extorted of their allowances at the games proper.

“The coaching crew will have a lot to gain from a pair they can bend their pocket from and milk them of their allowance..

“It is a big shame that the Nigeria Volleyball Federation is displaying a disgusting approach under the face of their favourite players and without merit.

“Hilary Simon and Obayemi Ogunshina were both good enough to qualify Nigeria but are not good enough to take part in the tournament proper,” said Ehiguase.

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Geraldine Oloye, volleyball pundit said, “How can they qualify for the games only for them to be dropped.

“They came second in the final phase of the 2023 Nigeria Beach Volleyball Star Tour.

“What was their total point from the first phase to this 3rd phase?

“The Technical Director of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation and the Beach Volleyball coaches should kindly retrace their steps.

“I am sure that the chairman of the Beach Commission is not aware of this injustice.

A former beach volleyball player, Amos Owodo, also expressed shock at the dropping of the players.

“It is rather unfortunate that this is happening, I however want to ask these very simple questions.

“Were Hillary and Obayemi indisposed to go for the camp and hence dropped from game, proper?

“I hereby call on the President of Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Engineer Musa Nimrod and Chairman of Nigeria Beach Volleyball, DCP Stephen Hasso who everyone know and believe in to be a fair on this matter.

The Nigeria Beach Volleyball Commission released a list of 12 players currently camped in Badagry, Lagos ahead of the forthcoming 13th African Games in Ghana.

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