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2024 Proposed Annual Budget



The formulation of the budget is an annual process that involves the Congress, the White House and virtually all federal agencies. In truth, lawmakers do not actually approve a single budget. Instead, the federal budget comprises many separate documents and pieces of legislation. President Bola Tinubu presented the 2024 budget to the joint session of the National Assembly today, Wednesday 26, December. The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved the 2024 appropriation bill of N27. 50 trillion, with a N1. 5 trillion increase from the earlier estimated bill.

Below is an attachment of the Year 2024 Budget:


NG Federal Govt: ₦27.50tn

🟣South West: ₦4.20tn
🟤South South: ₦3.43tn
🔴North West: ₦2.50tn
🟢South East: ₦2.29tn
🟠North Central: ₦1.89tn
⚫North East: ₦1.60tn

1 🟢Abia: ₦567.20bn
2 ⚫Adamawa: ₦225.89bn
3 🟤Akwa Ibom: ₦845.63bn
4 🟢Anambra: ₦410.10bn
5 ⚫Bauchi: ₦300.22bn
6 🟤Bayelsa: ₦480.99bn
7 🟠Benue: ₦225.73bn
8 ⚫Borno: ₦340.62bn
9 🟤Cross river: ₦250bn
10 🟤Delta: ₦724.90bn
11 🟢Ebonyi: ₦202.13bn
12 🟤Edo: ₦325.30bn
13 🟣Ekiti: ₦159.57bn
14 🟢Enugu: ₦521.56bn
15 ⚫Gombe: ₦207.75bn
16 🟢Imo: ₦592.23bn
17 🔴Jigawa: ₦298.14bn
18 🔴Kaduna: ₦458.27bn
19 🔴Kano: ₦350.20bn
20 🔴Katsina: ₦454.31bn
21 🔴Kebbi: ₦250.13bn
22 🟠Kogi: ₦258.28bn
23 🟠Kwara: ₦286.40bn
24 🟣Lagos: ₦2.25tn
25 🟠Nasarawa: ₦199.88bn
26 🟠Niger: ₦613.27bb
27 🟣Ogun: ₦703.03bn
28 🟣Ondo: ₦384.53bn
29 🟣Osun: ₦273.91bn
30 🟣Oyo: ₦434.22bn
31 🟠Plateau: ₦295.43bn
32 🟤Rivers: ₦800.39bn
33 🔴Sokoto: ₦270.10bb
34 ⚫Taraba: ₦311.39bn
35 ⚫Yobe: ₦217.00bn
36 🔴Zamfara: ₦423.52bn

(Budget Office & Media publications)

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