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Buzzbuntu: DDM launches a social media platform for Africa




The Diaspora Digital Media (DDM) has launched Buzzbuntu, a social media platform designed to thrill Africans across the globe.

Buzzbuntu was designed by Mr. Kevin Jakpor Ufuoma, a seasoned website designer based in Abuja.

According to Mr. Ufuoma, the essence of the platform is, just like its parent company, DDM, to create platforms for Africans to tell their own stories by themselves.

He noted that it fervently has the youths, also referred to as the “Z generation” or “Gen Z” in mind.

It is also dutifully designed to remind younger African generation of the need to remember who and what they are.

What is the essence of Buzzbuntu?

Buzzbuntu, Ufuoma said, is absolutely necessary, more so in this generation where gender topics — LGBTQ, an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer — blaze across the globe.

Ufuoma said that Africans should not continue to rely on foreign media to continue dishing out false or distorted narratives about Africa and Africans.

“It is high time that Africans rise against fake, distorted and false narratives about Africa.

“If Africans take advantage of Buzzbuntu, it won’t be long before the world will begin to see Africa for who and what we really are.

“We need to be proud of our own achievements and tell it the way it really is.

“No one will blow our trumpets if we fail to do so for ourselves and by ourselves,” Ufuoma told our correspondent.

He noted that Buzzbuntu is designed to rival Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media platforms.

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What are the features of Buzzbuntu?

When DDM visited the Buzzbuntu website, it noted that the new social media platform has some exciting features.

Some of the features include the newsfeed where current posts from users are displayed for consumption.

It houses all the messages, photos, videos and other stuff that users wish to make public.

Another feature is the “MESSAGES,” where users can interchange messages confidentially, also known as inbox.

Next is the “CONNECTIONS” portal.

Here members find each other and connect with one another for easier exchange of ideas and media properties.

It also has “GROUPS” segment, where members with common ideology or goals can group themselves together and interact.

One can even “INVITE” family and friends to Buzzbuntu and connect seamlessly and with ease.

All it takes is data connectivity and one is ready to conquer the world with his or her exploits.

DDM, meanwhile, asked Mr. Kevin if the website has a mobile app and he explained that it is in the making.

When the mobile app becomes available, Buzzbuntu users can browse with much more ease and interact faster.

Why not try Buzzbuntu now? All it takes is data connection and a click and you are ready to take on the world!

Oya, hit that keypad now!

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