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Commuters At Risk As Floods Submerge DR Congo-Burundi Border



Flooding at the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi border has left residents and travelers stranded, with many calling on the Congolese government to find a solution to ease traffic between the two countries.

For over six months, passengers have been forced to use alternative means to cross the 4km stretch of flooded road, including heavy trucks, Land Cruiser jeeps, and canoes.

Those who cannot afford the fees, which range from 2,000 to 5,000 FC, are left with no choice but to swim or use farming tractors to cross the border.

Residents and travelers have described the situation as catastrophic and unprecedented.

Safi Mugoli, a resident of Uvira on her way to Bujumbura, said, “The road to the border is under water, so we cross by canoes or farming tractors. Sometimes we fall into the water and risk drowning. We’re asking the State to help us with this customs road.”

The South Kivu provincial government has acknowledged the consequences of the rising water levels at the border and is working on a solution.

A bridge is under construction to allow regular crossings, and the government has promised to find a solution to ease traffic between the two countries.

The Kamvinvira border remains the main access route to Bujumbura for many travelers, as Burundi has closed its other borders with Rwanda.

The situation has caused significant hardship for residents, especially small traders, who are struggling to access markets and basic necessities.

The provincial government has promised to find a solution to the problem, but until then, residents and travelers will continue to suffer the consequences of the flooded border.

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