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Editorial: Nigeria’s 25 Years of Democracy: A Hollow Celebration Amidst Enduring Suffering



Nigeria marks 25 years of democratic rule, but the festivities ring hollow amidst the widespread suffering of the masses.

The country’s democratic experiment has failed to deliver on its promises, leaving the majority of Nigerians in a state of abject poverty, insecurity, and despair.

The last quarter century has seen the entrenchment of a corrupt and self-serving political elite, who have pillaged the nation’s resources and left the people to suffer. The economy has stagnated, education and healthcare have deteriorated, and infrastructure has decayed.

The masses have borne the brunt of this failed democracy, with millions struggling to survive amidst crippling poverty, unemployment, and inequality. The streets are filled with the sounds of protests and anguish, as Nigerians cry out for relief from the hardships that have become their daily reality.

Meanwhile, the political class continues to indulge in its orgy of corruption and extravagance, with no regard for the suffering they have inflicted on the people. They have turned democracy into a tool for self-enrichment, rather than a means of serving the people.

As Nigeria marks this milestone, we must not forget the sacrifices of those who have suffered under this failed democracy. We must not forget the countless lives lost to poverty, insecurity, and despair. We must not forget the dreams that have been shattered, the hopes that have been dashed, and the futures that have been stolen.

We urge Nigerians to remember the true meaning of democracy and to demand more from their leaders. We urge them to rise up against the forces of oppression and to fight for a better future. We urge them to reject the hollow promises of the political elite and to demand real change.

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Only then can Nigeria truly celebrate its democracy, and only then can the masses enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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