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Election anniversary: Nigerian youths declare national prayer to curse INEC boss, Yakubu



“Curse Be Unto Mahmoud Yakubu" - banner shows INEC chairman

Nigerian youths have declared a national prayer on February 25, 2024, against the Chairman of the country’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu, to mark the anniversary of the 2023 election, as economic hardship bites harder across the country.

The youths accused Prof. Yakubu of rigging the 2023 presidential election which saw Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared as the President.

The national prayer to curse the INEC chairman is tagged “Nigerian Youths National Prayer Day, 25 February 2024: Curse Be Unto Mahmoud Yakubu“.

The angry youths claimed that Yakubu ran a “cash-and-carry 2023 presidential election”.

They also insisted that the election was the reason for the current hardship Nigerians are going through.

The conveners of the prayer day accused President Bola Tinubu of running an anti-people’s policies administration.

In a post made on “X”, formerly Twitter, the conveners wrote:

“Nigerian youths declare national prayer title “Curse Be Unto Mahmoud Yakubu, INEC chairman who sold elections to the highest bidder.

“He rigged the elections that brought Bola Ahmed Tinubu to power.”

They called on Muslims, Christians, Traditionalists and Atheists to gather and swear for the INEC chairman.

See the full banner below:

Nigerians react to national prayer to curse INEC Chairman

Below are some reactions of some Nigerians youths on “X” over the proposed prayer with most expressing support for the anti-Yakubu prayer.

Adeniyi Wahab, @AdePrecious4rl

“Exactly month that INEC Chairman and his cohorts put Nigeria into a problem, Nigerian should used this month February throughout to rain curse on Yakubu Mahmoud and his generation.”

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Chimaeze Chinweike, @ikecenaexcel

“Curse Be Unto Mahmoud Yakubu. INEC Chairman.”

Boscofunnyworld, @Bobosco101

“Dear Nigerians In anything you do in this new month pls don’t forget to lay a curse on Mahmoud Yakubu the tyrant INEC chairman. He is an enemy of democracy.”

Imoh, @myland58

Dear God look at the suffering and killing of ur children in Nigeria, we beg u to allow the curse of suffering Nigeria affect Yakubu Mahmoud on 25th. The gods of our forefather act fast on Inec chairman we beg u the gods of Nigeria to help us carry the curse out immediately.

Adekol, @Adekol5

This is a curse for INEC @inecnigeria chairman. Mahmoud Yakubu’s children will also partake of the curse.

Revolutionary Youth! @torty_mercy

Breaking! Nigerians set out a date to curse INEC chairman. On that day, I’ll remove my clothes, hold my left breast and curse him to stupor.

Ike-ume, @ume_nwokedi

This poster, however, posits that prayer is not enough, rather protest, citing a video showing US activists erecting camps called ‘Bloody Blinken Land’ to protest Gaza invasion.

According to the poster, dozens of activists have been camping and protesting in front of the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s house in Virginia state for almost a week.

He wrote: “This is what needs to be happening all around INEC chairman Mahmoud Yakubu not prayer curse.

“He needs to be feeling the same heat all Nigerians are feeling because of our stolen mandate.”

Speaking about the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the poster said: “France can take him for free. We don’t need to be seeing his face any more.”

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Few Nigerian youths dissent on the proposed curse

Not all Nigerian youths agreed to the proposed curse on the INEC Chairman, however.

Wale S Akerele, @akerele_s posted:

“Special messages to all you Barbarians that want to rain a curse on INEC Chairman Mahmoud Yakubu please go ahead with it.

“But I want you ifiots to remember one thing: if the man did his job and he did not rig the election which none of you have proof of, the curse will be on your family.”

It could be recalled that last year, beginning from March 20, 2023, women in Nasarawa State persistently protested, calling on INEC to give them back their mandate.

Some youths will later join in the peaceful mass protest against INEC leadership.

Regarding that week-long protest, L.A.W.D, @Owolabilawd tweeted:

“Mahmoud Yakubu(INEC chairman)F up big time and that name will forever remain a curse.”

Josh~inspired, @JoshuaOkelue added:

“INEC, this is total shameful!!! Utmost disdain. Inec chairman Yakubu Mahmoud, I curse the day you were born! I curse everything attached to you and your generations.”

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