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Family wants justice for son allegedly injected to death by Nigerian nurses



The family of late Pastor Friday Ataine Orerokpe in the Okpe Local Government Area in Delta State has called on relevant authorities, seeking justice over the sudden death of their son.

The 49 year old Pastor Friday Ataine who was an asthmatic patient was allegedly murdered at Ariemughare Clinic and Maternity in Orerokpe on 22nd January, 2024.

DDM gathered that two nurses identified as Anna Ikomu and Faith Odiete allegedly administered Aminophiline and Hydrocot injections on him, which caused his death.

However, a family member told newsmen on Friday that the two nurses had been arrested while the the medical doctor and the owner of the hospital were spared.

“I was on the phone with my brother, and he complained about his asthmatic symptoms. I also have asthma so I asked him to use his inhalers, he said that the inhalers don’t work when he is bad.

“I agreed because, I resort to tablets or nebuliser when I have severe asthma attacks. So I asked him about the treatment that he was supposed to be getting. We agreed that he should go to the hospital to get it checked out.

“He called a keke driver who lived downstairs of his home. I heard him advising his wife to leave the keys of his home with a neighbour because of their children who were sleeping upstairs incase they didn’t return on time. The children are only 6, 4 and 2 years old respectively.

“He and his wife, Ese proceeded to the hospital in the neighbour’s keke. I was on the phone with them the entire time until they arrived at Ariemughare Memorial Hospital. I heard him telling the nurses that he had asthma and he was hypertensive.

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“They shouted at him and his wife for not bringing his inhaler. Shortly afterwards, Ese, his wife asked the nurse about the injection but the nurse reprimanded her that she knew what she was doing.

“Mr brother immediately displayed signs of distress, his wife asked again why his heart was beating so hard and so fast, she told the wife to keep quiet that they were only trying to help.

“A few minutes later, she gave him another injection. All this not within the space of 3-5 minutes. Mr Shola, started screaming, he was clearly distressed. He started vomiting and urinated on himself.

“The nurse asked what he ate, I told the wife to tell the nurse that it was not what he ate but that he was reacting to the injections. He fell down loosing consciousness. I was screaming that they should help him. I beg them to do CPR, anything.

“They grabbed him, and managed to put him on a wheelchair, and asked them to leave.

“The words of the senior nurse were “Let him not go and die here. I asked my sister in law to give them the phone. But they won’t listen to her. I told her to put it on speaker as I pleaded with them to help him that he was clearly dying but they won’t listen, they choved him out the door.

“He was unresponsive as he was hauled into the keke. Ese his widow and the keke driver rushed him to another hospital. the hospital’s staff came out, and felt his pulse and told her that he was dead.

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“They turned around to leave, this whole time Ese was screaming and begging for help. I pleaded with them to help him, they said that there was nothing that they could do, they went back inside their hospital building, leaving them outside the hospital building.

“The keke driver rushed him to a third and fourth hospital they too will not take him. They said he was dead on arrival! Despite all our pleas, they refused to take him. Eventually, they took him to their church where they resorted to praying.

“I was also praying frantically at this point hoping for a miracle, until their pastor advised me to call members of my family to take him away.

“I called my younger brother Arusuane Ataine, he also contacted other members of my family and they advised him to bring the body and deposit him in the morgue at Orerokpe general hospital.

“We have found out that all the nurses in the clinic are quacks.

“We are calling on Nigerian government and Nigeria Police Force to arrest Dr. Ariemughare Michael and equally charge him to Court to give accounts of what happened in his hospital.

“They are planning to sell the hospital as we speak, so that the case will become a mystery. We are calling on the relevant authorities to help us and stop them from selling it.”

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