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Gov. Otti, your achievements in education, healthcare, economic dev’ts not unnoticed



Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, lauded the initiative of the organisers of Abamade Trade Fair and Exhibition

Dear Governor Alex Otti, OFR, Executive Governor of Abia State,

Congratulations, Your Excellency, on completing your first year in office! It is truly an accomplishment and a testament to your dedication and hard work. This past year, you have shown great leadership and commitment to serving the people of our state.

Your achievements in various areas such as education, healthcare, and economic development have not gone unnoticed. The initiatives you have implemented have had a positive impact on our communities, and we are grateful for your efforts in making our state a better place to live.

However, as we celebrate this milestone, it is important to remain cautious and vigilant. The challenges that lie ahead are significant, and we must continue to address them with the same determination and focus that you have demonstrated in your first year.

While we acknowledge your accomplishments, it is crucial to remember that there is still work to be done. Our state faces ongoing issues such as infrastructure development, social inequality, and environmental concerns. It is my hope that in the coming years, we can work together to find sustainable solutions and ensure the well-being of all our citizens.

May I respectfully use this opportunity as a genuine supporter of yours to advise, particularly on restraint from excessive use of media propaganda. It is on record that the last administration did not do anything useful in Abia State throughout their eight years in office.

We know that you will surpass and better their records as already demonstrated in the last one year by your administration.

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Further, the narrative is that the Local government area’s are not fully funded at the moment. The local governments should be encouraged by granting them full access to the money, due to them from the FAAC.

This will show that your administration, fully and indeed respects the wishes of our people and other recognized democratic principles.

It is also true that Umuahia, is the designated State capital of Abia State, your office, residence and operational base should be in Umuahia, There is no sensible logic or reasons to support your limited presence in the Capital of Abia State, in the.coming years.

Once again, congratulations on your first year in office, our dear Governor. May you continue to lead with integrity, compassion, and a strong commitment to the betterment of our state.

Kind regards.

Charles Ude Esq. is a legal practitioner based in Abuja.

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