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Hamas To Be Erased Soon, says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu




Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the country’s military is nearing the end of its operation to eliminate Hamas fighters in Gaza.

Netanyahu stated that Israel will achieve its goals in its war against Hamas, including returning hostages, eliminating Hamas’ military and governing capabilities, and ensuring Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.

The Israeli military launched its offensive in Gaza after the Hamas-led October 7 attacks on southern Israel, which killed at least 1,200 people and resulted in the abduction of over 250 others. Since then, Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed at least 37,718 Palestinians and injured another 86,377, according to Gaza health officials.

Netanyahu’s announcement comes as the International Criminal Court (ICC) considers issuing arrest warrants for him and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant for alleged war crimes in Gaza.

The ICC delayed its decision after the UK submitted a request to provide legal arguments contesting the court’s jurisdiction over the matter.

The UK argued that the Palestinian authorities cannot transfer jurisdiction to the ICC to prosecute Israelis under the Oslo Accords.

The ICC has allowed the UK to submit its arguments, pausing the decision-making process on the arrest warrants, with a deadline of July 12 for the UK’s submission.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Netanyahu remains committed to his goals in Gaza, stating, “We are advancing to the end of the stage of eliminating the Hamas terrorist army; we will continue striking its remnants.” The Israeli military has made significant gains in Rafah, the southern Gaza city considered the last stronghold of Hamas.

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The conflict has drawn international attention, with calls for a ceasefire and peaceful resolution.

However, Netanyahu remains resolute in his commitment to Israel’s military campaign, vowing to ensure the safety and security of Israeli citizens.

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