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I’m not mad or on illicit drugs, says Actor Hanks Anuku



Anuku (left) with Udu

Veteran Nollywood actor, Hank Anuku, has spoken out against the circulation of a video falsely depicting him as a madman.

In an exclusive interview with Lucky Udu, Anuku explained that the video was taken out of context, showing him rehearsing a movie role.

“When I saw my video circulating on social media depicting me as a madman, it really broke me down,” Anuku said, expressing his distress. “I don’t know why someone would video me without my permission and post it online. That video destroyed a lot for me.”

Anuku emphasized that he does not consume hard drugs or alcoholic beverages, except for occasional beer consumption. “I don’t take any hard substances or any hot drinks. I do drink beer occasionally, but I don’t consume any other alcoholic drinks or hard drugs,” he clarified.

The actor attributed his dedication to his craft for his convincing performances, including the rehearsed madman role that was misinterpreted. “Like I always do, I rehearsed my role separately before going on set. That’s one of the reasons I always play my roles very well,” he explained.

Anuku’s experiences highlight the importance of consent and responsible social media use. He has shared his contact information for those willing to support him during this challenging time.

“This can only happen in Nigeria, where someone can video another person without their consent and post it online,” Anuku lamented. “But I thank God that there are people who know me and understand that I am not mad or on drugs.”

The incident serves as a reminder to respect individuals’ privacy and refrain from spreading misinformation. Anuku’s courage in addressing the issue aims to clear his name and restore his reputation in the Nollywood industry.

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