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Infidelity: Nigerian woman shot 3 times by cop husband survives



Nigerian woman shot 3 times by husband police officer over infidelity miraculously survived

A woman who was shot three times by Police officer, Inspector Sylvester Ogwu, in Edo State, South South region of Nigeria, over infidelity, has miraculously survived the ordeal.

Diaspora Digital Media (DDM) had, on Wednesday, reported that Inspector Ogwu reportedly shot his wife to death over allegations of infidelity and disappeared.

Read the story in full:

Ogwu, Nigerian Police officer, kills wife over infidelity, disappears

However, in a latest update, DDM has been informed that the woman was miraculously revived by a doctor after being shot three deference places.

According to the report, Ogwu, a senior inspector recruited into the Nigeria Police Force in the year 2000, is a native of Igalla Local Government area of Kogi State.

How did it happen?

A police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Diaspora Digital Media (DDM) correspondent that Ogwu, on Tuesday, booked an arm in line with police protocols.

He, however, “went straight to his apartment and shot his wife three times.

“He killed her on the allegation that his wife was cheating on him”, said the insider, while speaking with DDM.

The source reported further that “after killing his wife in the early morning on Tuesday, he went to First Bank and dropped his arm with the police men on escorts duty, who never suspected anything.

He told then that he was coming to withdraw money inside the bank but before the policemen would know that he killed his wife because of infidelity, Ogwu had disappeared.

“Till now his whereabouts are unknown and operatives of the Edo State Command have put on effort to get him arrested,” the source told DDM.

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What is infidelity?

Infidelity, also known as cheating or adultery, refers to engaging in emotional or sexual intimacy with someone outside the agreed-upon boundaries of a marriage or relationship.

It can occur in person or online and may or may not involve sexual encounters.

Here are some key points about infidelity:

1. Signs of infidelity:

– Changes in Sex Life: Noticeable shifts in sexual interest or behavior.
– Unusual Sexual Preferences: Partners wanting to explore new or unfamiliar sexual activities.
– Increased Attention to Appearance: A sudden focus on appearance and grooming.
– Sleep Disturbances: Difficulty sleeping due to emotional turmoil.
– Increased Privacy: Demanding more privacy and spending time away from home.
– Emotional Distance: Difficulty connecting with the partner and increased hostility.
– Suspicion-Induced Stress: Feeling stressed and distracted due to suspicions².

2. Reasons for Infidelity:

– Dissatisfaction within the relationship.
– Low self-esteem.
– Addiction to sex or romance.
– Personality traits.
– Cultural and societal norms that support infidelity.
– Seeking validation through an affair².

3. Gender Differences:

– Studies show that men are more likely to engage in sexual infidelity, while women tend to engage in emotional infidelity.
– Higher sexual urges and insecurity may also contribute.

4. Surviving Infidelity:

– Coping with infidelity involves open communication, seeking professional help, and rebuilding trust.
– Whether a marriage can survive depends on various factors, including the couple’s commitment and willingness to work through the challenges.

According to experts, infidelity is complex, and each situation is unique.

Thise who suspect spouses in their relationship are enjoined to seek professional help to navigate the experience.

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