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Israeli Missiles Hit Iran, Iraq And Syria



Israeli Missiles Hit Iran, Iraq And Syria

Explosions were heard in multiple locations across the Middle East late Thursday night, as Israel appears to have begun exacting revenge for Iran’s unprecedented attack on the Jewish State, which saw some 350 suicide drones and missiles fired at Israeli territory.

Explosions have reportedly been heard in Isfahan and Natzanz, both cities in Iran which have nuclear installations. Three explosions have been reported in Isfahan – where Iran has its main nuclear research facility, though it has not been confirmed that a nuclear site has been struck.

One report suggests that Israel has struck 7 Iranian cities in total: Tehran, Fordow, Arak, Natanz, Kharg, Bushehr, and Bandar Abbas. This has not yet been widely confirmed.

Iranian media report that the Hastam Shikari air force base was hit by a missile. The air base was among several from which Iran launched its direct attack against Israel last weekend. According to Iranian media, the IDF may have targeted the 8th Tactical Airbase of the Iranian Air Force, which is near the airport in Isfahan, and which contains multiple squadrons of F-14 Tomcat fighter aircraft.

Airspace across the western side of Iran has been shut and Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport has informed passengers that all flights have been cancelled.

ABC News says it has been in contact with an IDF official who has confirmed that tonight’s strikes are in response to Iran’s drone and missile barrage.

The Supreme National Security Council of Iran has called an emergency meeting following tonight’s retaliatory strikes – which may still be ongoing.

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The Jerusalem Post also reports that airstrikes have targeted sites belonging to the Syrian army in As-Suwayda and Daraa in southern Syria.

Additional explosions are also being reported in several locations in Iraq.

The video below appears to show anti-aircraft systems operating in Isfahan, Iran.

This is a rapidly developing, and additional and clarifying information will be added periodically.

An official told ABC News that strikes hit a site in Iran, however it is unclear what target was hit or the extent of the damage.

Footage shared on social media appeared to show anti-aircraft fire striking over the city of Isfahan in central Iran, which hosts one of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Multiple airports in Iran have been closed, and further unconfirmed explosions have reportedly hit Iraq and Syria.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio tweeted soon after reports of the strikes: ‘Israel has the ability to conduct strikes against targets inside Iran without entering Iranian air space from aircraft over Syrian and Iraqi airspace.’

Although the US military played a central role in halting Iran’s strikes on Saturday, President Biden said he made it ‘very clear’ to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he had to act ‘carefully and strategically.’

Biden urged Netanyahu to ‘take the win’ of the foiled onslaught, and cautioned that the US would not participate in any Israeli counter-offensive.

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