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I’ve met my constituents expectations -Nigerian Senator



A Senator in Nigeria, Rt. Hon. Aniekan Bassey, has assured his constituents of his commitment to upholding the mandate given them.

Senator Bassey, who represents Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District, said he was poised to giving effective representation to his constituents, saying he has made the people proud through his impact in the last one year.

Speaking at a public event to mark the Easter period, Bassey expressed gratitude to his constituents.

Addressing the vibrant gathering, Senator Bassey began by praising the lively and united atmosphere, remarking, “I am delighted to be in this exceptionally colorful gathering. We gathered in a very formal way in Uyo Federal Constituency. But this is very colorful and endearing.”

Acknowledging the support he has received from the community, Senator Bassey expressed his appreciation by stating, “We are at the National Assembly because all of you sent us there. We can’t forget you.”

Highlighting his effort and impact at the Senate, Senator Bassey shared, “In the Senate, for instance, where we have only about fifty bills, I have been able to sponsor two of those bills, out of the 109 senators across the country.”

He also highlighted his involvement in producing motions, saying, “Out of a little above 100 motions, I have been able to move three.”

Senator Bassey said his dedication and achievements have earned him the opportunity to serve in international parliamentary bodies.

“By the grace of God, I was found worthy to be nominated into the ECOWAS Parliament,” he announced, further revealing, “I have been a Member of the Commonwealth Parliament.

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“Now, I am going to the ECOWAS. The only Parliament remaining for me to be a member is the African Union. All these are the fruits of the benevolence of Uyo Senatorial District.”

The senator also stressed his commitment to addressing local infrastructural issues. “I have brought 1 kilometer of road which was tarred with 130 days of my stay in the Senate. That was done in a record time of two weeks,” he proudly declared.

Additionally, he announced the installation of 500 street lights in various neighborhoods, including Shelter Afrique, Udosen Uko, Akpan Etuk, Udobot streets, and the Uyo Club.

While providing insight into future plans, Senator Bassey promised to continue improving the district’s infrastructure.

“In due course, so many good things will come to Uyo Senatorial District and to Etinan Federal Constituency. What we are planning is to have at least one or two kilometers of roads in each of the local government areas in the district,” he pledged.

Furthermore, Senator Bassey clarified the source of support for his initiatives, indicating, “I’ve not received one niara for rice from the federal government. Government only promised to give us rice. They have not done so. What you see us do is from our pockets.”

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