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Lawmakers propose $63 fine for misuse of Nigerian flag



A new bill being discussed in the House of Reps, Nigeria’s second legislative chamber, proposes proper and respectful use of the national flag, recommending a fine of N100, 000 ($63) for offenders in this regard, DDM learnt on Wednesday.

The recent proposal put forward by Hon Sada Soli, the representative of Jibia/Katia Federal Constituency in Katsina State, to amend the Flag and Coats of Arms Act in Nigeria sparked discussions and debates among lawmakers and the public.

The proposed bill aims to regulate the display and use of national flags more effectively, with a particular focus on curbing abuse and misuse.

If passed into law, the bill will introduce significant changes to the current legislation. One notable amendment is the inclusion of additional organizations authorized to apprehend individuals found abusing or misusing the national flag.

This expansion of enforcement capabilities is intended to strengthen the enforcement of flag-related regulations and ensure compliance across various sectors.

Moreover, the proposed bill suggests a substantial increase in the fines imposed for offenses related to the abuse or misuse of the national flag.

The fine, which currently stands at one hundred naira, is set to be raised to one hundred thousand naira.

This significant escalation in penalties underscores the seriousness with which lawmakers view the protection and proper use of national symbols.

During his presentation to the House of Representatives, Hon Soli emphasized the necessity of these amendments to address the prevalent issue of flag misuse.

He highlighted instances where individuals, public entities, and corporations have disregarded the proper protocols for displaying the national flag, emphasizing the need for stricter measures to safeguard its integrity.

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The bill’s progression through the legislative process marks a crucial step towards enhancing the respect and reverence for national symbols in Nigeria.

By proposing these amendments, lawmakers are signaling their commitment to upholding the dignity and significance of the national flag, a symbol that embodies the unity and identity of the nation.

As the bill moves forward for further deliberation and potential enactment, it is essential for stakeholders and the general public to engage in constructive dialogue and provide feedback on the proposed changes.

The outcome of this legislative initiative has the potential to shape the landscape of flag usage and enforcement in Nigeria, setting a precedent for responsible and respectful display of national symbols.

The initial reading of the bill on November 23, 2023, marked the beginning of a legislative process that could have far-reaching implications for how the national flag is perceived and protected in the country.

With a focus on deterrence and accountability, the proposed amendments seek to instill a culture of reverence and adherence to flag-related regulations among all citizens and organizations.

In conclusion, the proposal to introduce stricter regulations on the use of the national flag reflects a commitment to upholding the values and principles that the flag represents.

By enacting these amendments, Nigeria has the opportunity to reinforce the significance of national symbols and promote a culture of respect and compliance with flag-related laws.


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