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Man runs amok, seizes prison officers gun, shoot bystander in north central Nigeria



Nigerian Correctional Services authority in Ilorin, city capital of Kwara, north central state of Nigeria, had there hands full explaining a bizarre incident where an a random individual seized a gun from a prison officer and shot a bystander.

On Friday in the bustling Okekura area of Ilorin, chaos erupted as the inmate reportedly launched a sudden and violent attack on an officer of the Correctional Centre located in the vicinity.

The unfolding events that ensued left the community in a state of shock and confusion, prompting an urgent response from law enforcement authorities and medical personnel.

According to sources familiar with the incident, the assailant, described as having run amok, engaged in a confrontation with prison warders at the Correctional Centre.

In the midst of a struggle between the assailant and the officers, a gunshot was inadvertently discharged, striking a nearby vulcaniser who happened to be in the vicinity at the time.

The injured vulcaniser was promptly rushed to a private hospital for urgent medical attention, while the assailant was swiftly apprehended by vigilant police officers from the nearby ‘C’ Division at Oja-Oba in Ilorin.

Eyewitnesses recounted how the suspected assailant had been exhibiting erratic behavior prior to the altercation, causing fear and panic among residents and shop owners in the area.

Reports indicated that he had been hurling stones at individuals and their establishments, prompting swift reactions from the community as people sought to protect themselves from potential harm.

A statement from the public relations officer of the State Command of the Correctional Centre, Adegbulugbe Philip, shed light on the sequence of events leading up to the unfortunate incident.

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The suspect, identified as Kazeem Adam, aged 28 and hailing from Ita Ogunbo, allegedly embarked on a destructive spree early in the morning, targeting Keke vehicles and smashing windscreens with a knife and stones.

The situation escalated when Adam proceeded to vandalize a Correctional Service bus, resulting in a confrontation with ASC Ismail Kabir, a vigilant officer on duty at the Oke-Kura prison.

During the ensuing struggle, Adam reportedly stabbed ASC Kabir, causing severe injuries to the officer’s head and hand.

In a tragic turn of events, a firearm in the possession of ASC Kabir discharged accidentally, with the stray bullet striking Abdullahi Ayinla, the unfortunate vulcaniser caught in the crossfire.

Both victims were swiftly transported to State General Hospital in Surulere and Balogun Hospital in Ilorin, respectively, where they are currently receiving medical care and showing signs of recovery.

As the authorities delve into preliminary investigations to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident, the community remains in a state of shock and reflection.

The events that transpired serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of human behavior and the importance of maintaining vigilance in the face of potential threats.In conclusion, the incident in Okekura, Ilorin, serves as a sobering reminder of the fragility of peace and order within our communities.

Other witnesses said that the incident underscores the need for enhanced security measures and proactive interventions to prevent such unfortunate incidents from recurring.

DDM is still monitoring updates on the matter while filing this report.


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