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Naira exchange rate for Friday, March 22, 2024, in Nigeria



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See the Naira exchange rate for Thursday, March 21, 2024, below:




Buying (₦)

Central (₦)

Selling (₦)

21/03/2024 US Dollar 1,505.00

Euro 1595.00

Pounds Sterling 1885.00


Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN):


Currency Buying (₦) Central (₦)

Selling (₦)

21/03/2024 US Dollar 1447.886 1448.386 1448.886
Pounds Sterling 1839.684 1840.3193 1840.9546
Euro 1575.5895 1576.1336 1576.6777
Swiss Franc 1611.6273 1612.1839 1612.7404
Yen 9.557 9.5603 9.5636
CFA 2.5617 2.5717 2.5817
WAUA 2071.1785 2071.8938 2072.609
Riyal 386.0618 386.1951 386.3284
Danish Krona 211.1976 211.2705 211.3434
SDR 1921.6343 1922.2979 1922.9615

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