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Nigeria launches new $242, 64-page, 10-year validity int’l passport



Nigeria launches new international passport

Nigeria has launched her new international passport designed to ease the pressure on the citizenry who travels or lives abroad.

The new international passport, which costs $242, has 64 pages and boasts of ten years validity.

Prior to its launch, Nigerians used an one that costs 35,000 Naira withing the country, or $142 for Nigerians in diaspora.

The original passport, unlike the new one, is a booklet with just 32 pages and has five years validity.

However, to keep Nigerians away from always running to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) or its embassies abroad for renewal, the government, under the Minister of Interior, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, came up with the new idea.

See below for details:

How to apply online

64 pages passport booklet – 10 years Validity

  • Nigerian – 70,000
  • Nigerian in diaspora – $242

5 easy steps to apply for Nigeria Passport

One must:

  • Be a Nigerian citizen
  • Have a birth certificate and local government certificate of indigeneship, before proceeding to the portal for registration.
  • Have the National Identification Number.
  • Have passport photographs that meet ICAO standards.

ICAO standards are as follows:

  • The image should be 2 inches by 2 inches.
  • The image must have adequate brightness and contrast.
  • The skin tone should be natural.

Five simple steps that will guide one to apply

Step 1:

  • Proceed to the Official Website. (Go to the NIS website.)
  • Choose where you are applying from and select the application you want.
  • Fill in your National Identification Number (NIN), date of birth, and the auto-generated captcha to confirm your identity.
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Step 2:

Complete data fields as required.

One will be asked to select the state where s/he wants the passport to be processed, the booklet type, and the processing office.

The options selected will determine the fees to be charged for the passport.

As already indicated in the flyer above, a 5-year, 32-page passport application goes for N35,000, while a 10-year, 64-page passport application is N70,000.

For Nigerians in the diaspora, passport fees are pegged at $142 for a 5-year validity (32 pages) and $242 for a 10-year validity (64 pages).

Step 3:

Document Upload

Upload your photograph and other supporting documents.

Step 4:

Walk into an Immigration Office for your Biometric Capturing

After completing all online application requirements, applicants are expected to go to the selected office for biometric capturing.

The Interior Ministry noted that by March 8, Nigerians applying for passport will not need to go to NIS office.

Rather, it will be contactless, and the passport will be delivered at the applicant’s door steps

Step 5:

Track your application process and pick up.

After biometric capturing, the applicant can track the application process using the application number and reference number provided by the immigration portal.

How long does it take to get a passport in Nigeria?

Once one has completed the registration correctly, s/he will be able to collect it in two weeks.

Applicants are warned not to give any agent a dime, and if one is requested to do so by an official or agent, s/he is urged to quickly report such erring officer(s).

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