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Police arrest fake Nigerian anti-graft operatives with toy guns



Police operatives in Abia State apprehended individuals posing as operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) who were operating with a toy gun.

The arrest, which took place on Tuesday, followed credible intelligence received by the Central Police Station, Umuahia.

The information indicated that a four-man gang, dressed in EFCC uniforms, had targeted Enyioma Christ Lodge in Umudike.

The suspects allegedly dispossessed students at the lodge of their phones at gunpoint and compelled them to transfer a total of N120,000 to the criminals’ bank account.

The incident highlights the audacity and deceptive tactics employed by the fake EFCC operatives to carry out their illicit activities.

The police responded swiftly to the report, leading to the arrest of the suspects and the recovery of the toy gun used in the operation.

Impersonation of law enforcement agencies, such as the EFCC, is a serious offense that undermines public trust and can lead to various criminal activities.

The arrested individuals will likely face charges related to impersonation, armed robbery, and other offenses.

Law enforcement agencies continue to stress the importance of vigilance among the public and encourage citizens to report any suspicious activities promptly.

This case serves as a reminder for people to verify the identity of individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers and to report any irregularities to the appropriate authorities.

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