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Road Safety Guides Against Corrupt FRSC Officer In 2024: Step-by-Step Guide



In Nigeria, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is the government agency with statutory responsibilities for road safety administration in the country. Founded in 1988, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) operates across all 36 states in Nigeria as well as the Federal Capital Territory and is also the leading agency in Nigeria on road safety administration and management.

The statutory function of FRSC includes ensuring highways’ safety for motorists and other road users, checking road worthiness of vehicles, recommending works and infrastructures to eliminate or minimize accidents on the highways, and educating motorists and members of the public on the importance of road discipline on the highways.

FRSC plays an important role in Nigeria, but some officers abuse the privilege, using it as a means to extort drivers and motorists. While motorists are not allowed by law to physically confront FRSC officers, they can be reported to the higher authorities, that’ll adequately punish erring officers.

Now, how can you report FRSC officers in Nigeria? First, it’s important to know their duties and functions. It’ll help you know when they are overstepping.

The duties of FRSC officers in Nigeria include:

* Remove and detain any illegally parked vehicle.

* Endorse your driving license if found guilty of the offence.

* Seize the driver’s license of any person suspected to have committed an offence and/or the documents or particulars in respect of the vehicles.

* Impound a vehicle suspected to have been stolen where the driver fails to produce the particulars of the vehicle.

* Declare an offender as wanted when he fails to report to answer the charge against him.

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Rights of Motorists in Nigeria

If an FRSC official arrests you for allegedly contravening a road traffic offence, you can either:

* Accept liability and pay the summary fine, or contest the charge and ask for a trial by a court of competent jurisdiction.

* In a situation whereby your right has been trampled upon or where you are maltreated, you have the right to complain, report and send a report to the headquarters using these processes.

If you have a complaint about the conduct or activities of an FRSC official during the exercise of his/her functions, these are the steps you are to follow.

How to Make an Official Complaint to FRSC:

* Take note of the FRSC official’s name; it is written boldly on their uniform.

* Note down the date, time, and place of commission of the issue you are complaining about.

* Write a cover letter detailing the nature of your complaint and what transpired.

* If you have witnesses to the act complained about, have the witness write a statement as well.

* Put all your contact information (and those of the witness, if any) in the correspondence.

* Include any additional information like pictures, videos, or documents to buttress your complaint.

* Send it through email at,, or

* Deliver in person or by post at – Federal Road Safety Corps, National Headquarters, 3 Maputo Street., Zone 3, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.

* Ensure you get confirmation of receipt of your complaint.

* If you do not get a response or you receive an unsatisfactory response, you may contact a lawyer and instruct them to take the matter further.

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Knowing the duties and functions of FRSC officers in Nigeria and equally knowing your rights as a road user or motorist is essential. It helps you easily point out when an FRSC officer goes overboard and knows exactly when to file reports against any of them.

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