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Russia-Ukraine War: Why Russia is losing allies, neighbors and brothers



President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy versus Russian President, Vladimir Putin

In the present world of decentralization, Russia still struggles to centralize power and wealth. They struggle to retain wealth and power in the hands of few, the Russian Oligarchy.

On the other hand, America and the West, including China, are creating a better life for their neighbors and allies. They extend wealth to their colleagues and business associates through loans and project funding even donations.

Russia being a technologically advanced country have not invested heavy effort and funds in building global technology companies that would literally transform lives of her citizens and the rest of the world rather a technologically advanced company consolidated around the government.

Michael Elombah

The author, Michael Elombah

Also, Russia have chosen the obsolete method of running a huge economy like hers on natural resources rather than human resources.

In this way, she is restricting wealth to government and those around government and inadvertently denying wealth, good life and power from her citizens including allies and neighboring countries who were part of the old Soviet Union.

Revolving wealth around the government and natural resources instead of human development creates a very minimal resources compared to the volume of cash thrown around in the world today.

In the other side of the world, wealth is created and money mint from thin air, particularly from government treasury. America sponsor individuals, Countries, even as much as continents, to improve and better their lives.

Today Chinese loans are littered all over Africa. Fresh business bonds and bilateral relationships are formed. The West formed European Union (EU) creating a strong bond between member countries, thus keeping wealth and power in circulation through business and military bonds.

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Britain siphon money globally and still establish ties but indirectly running the global economy with their conglomerates

America mint money from their technology companies by first minting the money from the central banks which now go to mega technology companies and startups as loans, grants and investments then turn around and make huge profit.

Chinese loans are where China give loans on the condition that they supply all the necessary logistics and finally handle and manage the project and yet profit from interest rates.

America and others like Germany do the same too. They mint money, give it out as loans, and then profit from them

All these seems to be free mystic digital money, While Russia still revolves around the old epic way of making money. How can Russia compete?

With NATO America automatically empower any country who is a member irrespective of economic and military strength owing to the Article 5 of Collective Defense of the NATO treaty.

Collective defense means that an attack against one Ally is considered as an attack against all Allies.

Taking these into consideration, you will without doubt see how Russian competitors are creating good life, wealth and without doubt power for their allies and neighboring countries while on the other hand Russia is losing everything, which is exactly what have transpired in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Russia wants to centralize power and wealth in a highly decentralized world, where even the family circle desires some measure of autonomy.

The Russia-Ukraine War, I guess, should be a big lesson for Russia and their likes.

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Elombah Michael is a Digital Economist.

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