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South Africa’s ANC may lose grip on nation’s politics soon, says new survey



African National Congress, ANC, ins South Africa is on the verge of losing its strangle hold it has on  the country’s politics, a new survey shows.

In a political landscape that has been dominated by ANC since the dawn of democracy in the country, the seismic shift appears to be on the horizon.

Recent survey findings suggest that the ANC is at risk of losing its parliamentary majority in the upcoming elections, marking a significant departure from the party’s historical stronghold on power.

The survey, conducted by the Johannesburg-based think tank The Brenthurst Foundation and the SABI Strategy Group, paints a sobering picture for the ANC.

Support for the party has dwindled to 39%, a notable decline from its previous standings of 41% in October and 44% in November 2022.

These figures, based on a voter opinion poll modeled on the turnout of the 2019 general election, indicate a potential watershed moment in South African politics.

Should the ANC fail to secure a majority in the upcoming elections on May 29, the prospect of coalition rule looms large.

This scenario, once unthinkable during the party’s heyday under leaders like Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, now stands as a stark reality.

The ANC, a symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle and liberation movement, may find itself compelled to form alliances with smaller parties to govern the nation—a far cry from its peak performance in 2004 when it clinched nearly 70% of the vote.

The erosion of public support for the ANC can be attributed to a myriad of factors.

Economic stagnation, escalating unemployment rates, and a string of corruption scandals involving high-ranking officials have tarnished the party’s once-illustrious image.

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Despite efforts by current leader President Cyril Ramaphosa to instill reform and rejuvenate the economy following his ascension to power in 2018, progress has been slow and marred by challenges.

The prevalence of rolling power cuts, emblematic of the ANC’s struggles with service delivery, underscores the discontent simmering among the populace.

As South Africans grapple with daily disruptions and economic uncertainties, the ANC’s grip on power appears increasingly tenuous.

In a surprising turn of events, the survey revealed a growing openness among voters towards the prospect of a coalition government.

Over three-quarters of respondents expressed willingness to embrace a collaborative governance model, signaling a shift in political preferences towards inclusivity and diversity.

The survey also shed light on the changing dynamics within the opposition landscape.

The Democratic Alliance, the largest opposition party, saw an uptick in support to 27%, while the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters party experienced a decline to 10%.

The emergence of the uMkhonto weSizwe party, endorsed by former President Jacob Zuma, garnered notable support at 13%, adding a new dimension to the political landscape.

As South Africa braces for a pivotal electoral moment, characterized by uncertainty and potential realignment, the future of the ANC hangs in the balance.

President Ramaphosa’s pledge to address the nation’s challenges in the event of a decisive victory underscores the high stakes at play in the upcoming elections.

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