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Suspicious death of Nigerian wrestler, Jeremiah, raises eyebrows



A chilling revelation that has sent shockwaves across social media, the mysterious and tragic death of Nigerian wrestler Abasifreke John Jeremiah is now under intense scrutiny.

Shared on the X platform by @InibeheEffiong, the account has brought attention to a disturbing incident that demands urgent investigation.

The Suspicious Death of Nigerian Wrestler Abasifreke John Jeremiah

Abasifreke John Jeremiah, a promising wrestler hailing from Akwa Ibom State, met an untimely demise under circumstances that have raised eyebrows and sparked widespread concern.

The account, acting on the family’s explicit request, has chosen to publicize the story along with distressing photographs of the late wrestler.

According to the narrative, Abasifreke traveled to Bayelsa State on December 10, 2023, for training ahead of an upcoming wrestling competition.

The tragedy unfolded when, on December 27, 2023, the family received word that Abasifreke had “drowned” after the boat he was traveling in capsized.

However, the account highlights a series of questionable events surrounding the reported drowning.

The individuals who conveyed news of Abasifreke’s death and claimed to have recovered his body allegedly refused to provide photographic evidence despite repeated requests from the grieving family.

In a distressing twist, the family managed to obtain a photograph of Abasifreke’s corpse through an anonymous source.

The image revealed unsettling details, including a deep cut to the neck and a bloodied body, casting doubt on the initial narrative of a drowning incident.

The Suspicious Death of Nigerian Wrestler Abasifreke John Jeremiah

@InibeheEffiong, on behalf of the deceased’s father – a retired Superintendent of the Nigeria Police Force – has taken swift action by petitioning the Commissioner of Police, Bayelsa State Command.

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The petition calls for a thorough investigation and a coroner’s inquest to unravel the truth behind Abasifreke’s tragic end.

Further steps include reaching out to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, the Attorney General of Akwa Ibom State, and the Commissioner for Youth and Sport in Akwa Ibom, urging their intervention to ensure justice prevails in this perplexing case.

However, the account reports that those potentially involved in the incident are allegedly evading police invitations, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and obstruction. To date, no arrests or interrogations have taken place.

The family, grappling with grief and suspicion, is determined to seek justice for Abasifreke John Jeremiah.

The X platform has become a vital space to shed light on this disturbing case, prompting a call for a comprehensive and impartial investigation to unveil the truth behind the mysterious circumstances surrounding the demise of the talented Nigerian wrestler.

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