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“There Is severe hunger in Kano, I Will meet Tinubu to tell him” – Governor Yusuf



Governor Abba Yusuf

Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf, the governor of Kano State, has bemoaned the state’s high rate of poverty, malnutrition, and extreme hunger, which has led to the deaths of numerous citizens who were unable to afford food.

During a critical meeting on Monday with Kano’s business sector, Governor Yusuf bemoaned the current suffering and famine experienced by the locals.

“There is hunger in Kano, and we need to find a solution to stop people from getting sick and dying,” he said. As a businessman, we are aware that you are trying your hardest, yet you are falling short.

As the governor and my deputy, we don’t need any money from anyone, so let’s work together to turn things around. All we ask is that you come and support us in helping the underprivileged.

Governor Yusuf called on all of the well-known business titans to support the government’s efforts. “I implore you to devise a plan on how to bring down commodity prices so that our people’s lives have purpose.

After Lagos, Kano has served as Nigeria’s commercial hub. As a result, the state has decreased on the graph as of late.

“Businesspeople used to travel to Kano to purchase goods from other nearby states and nations. However, these have all since gotten worse.

“Every significant businessperson from Niger, Cameroon, Chad, and other countries has relocated to Kano. But these days, everything has changed. There has been a decline in business.

“The industries that were available to Kano residents in the past offered a lot of job options and helped many of them make a living. None of these exist anymore. Youth drug usage, kidnapping, and banditry have all resulted from this.

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Many households are unable to buy even a small amount of rice due to the hardships that they are experiencing. Nowadays, N65,000 is paid for locally grown rice, N52,000 for maize, N56,000 for millet, and N4,500 for groundnut oil. What will the salaried worker exist on, and where will the people put themselves?

“I am going to meet with Tinubu to let him know that there is hunger in Kano.” The governor stated, “The highly populated state should receive preferential assistance from the federal government.”

Moguls such as Alhaji Sabiu Bako, Alhaji Salisu Sambajo, Muhammad Adakawa, and Sammani Elsamad, among others, spoke on behalf of the business community and urged Governor Yusuf to lead other Northwest governors in resolving the region’s economic issues.

They clarified that the manufacturers set the price increases for their goods; they simply buy and sell in accordance with those price increases.

They bemoaned the fact that the depreciation of the naira and the lack of dollars had resulted in the closure of 70% of enterprises. The retail prices of goods have also been impacted by this.

In order to facilitate the supply of goods to industries, they also want the government to guarantee the completion of the construction of the gas pipeline. They bemoaned the fact that carrying products to and from Kano is becoming more difficult due to traffic authorities’ extortion.

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