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Tinubu Administration Secures Major Economic Deals in 2023: A Glimpse into 2024



Despite grappling with economic challenges and a soaring inflation rate, President Bola Tinubu’s administration achieved significant milestones in economic diplomacy throughout 2023, attracting substantial foreign investments. As the year concludes, Nairametrics delves into five key economic deals signed by the administration and their potential impact on the 2024 economic outlook.

*1. Germany’s $500 Million Renewable Energy Deal*

The most substantial investment deal of 2023 involved a $500 million renewable energy agreement between Union Bank of Nigeria and Germany’s DWS Group. Focused on rural communities, this deal aims to channel investment into renewable energy projects, significantly contributing to sustainable development.

Additionally, a gas export partnership MoU was signed between Riverside LNG of Nigeria and Germany’s Johannes Schuetze Energy Import AG. This collaboration anticipates supplying 850,000 tons of natural gas annually to Germany, offering economic benefits and reducing environmental impact through gas flaring reduction.

*2. Siemens Energy Agreement: Boosting Grid Capacity to 12,000 Megawatts*

During the COP28 Summit in Dubai, the federal government secured an agreement with Siemens Energy to increase the national grid’s capacity to 12,000 Megawatts. This initiative, under the Presidential Power Initiative, signals a significant step towards improving the energy sector’s efficiency and attracting more foreign direct investment in 2024.

*3. I-Dice Deal with France: Igniting Digital Economy Growth*

In the digital space, the federal government secured a $116 million deal with France through the I-Dice program. This investment aims to bolster the digital and entrepreneurship sector, harnessing the potential of Nigeria’s youthful population. The funds are expected to create job opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and expand the tax net in the creative industry.

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*4. TotalEnergies Commitment: Transforming the Oil and Gas Sector*

A transformative deal emerged with French Energy company, TotalEnergies, committing to invest $6 billion in methane detection and measurement campaigns in Nigeria. This deal is set to revolutionize the oil and gas sector, infusing much-needed liquidity and generating employment opportunities.

*5. Saudi FX and Refinery Rehabilitation Pledges: Addressing FX Liquidity and Infrastructure*

In Saudi Arabia, President Tinubu’s investment endeavors secured pledges to assist Nigeria with its FX obligations and invest in refinery rehabilitation. With Nigeria gearing up to reactivate its refineries in 2024, this partnership holds the promise of boosting FX liquidity and supporting critical infrastructural development.

These economic deals showcase the administration’s commitment to attracting foreign investment, fostering sectoral growth, and addressing critical national challenges. As the impact of these agreements unfolds in 2024, Nigeria anticipates positive strides in economic development and international collaboration.

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