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Tragic Death: Nigerian Man Allegedly Killed by Police After Preaching at Park



In a disturbing incident that unfolded on December 17th, Michael, an account user on X (formerly Twitter), narrated a tragic event that led to the death of his friend, Onadipe Oluwatosin, also known as Peckulia. The incident involved an altercation with uniformed men, allegedly resulting in Oluwatosin’s demise.

According to Michael’s account, Oluwatosin went to Ago-Iwoye park (chips) to preach the gospel on that fateful day. Trouble began when the park chairman accused him of disturbing the peace. Subsequently, the park chairman and others reportedly chased Oluwatosin after he refused to stop preaching. In the course of the altercation, a man identified as the former park chairman allegedly struck Oluwatosin on the head with a heavy vulcanizer iron rod, causing him to bleed profusely.

Despite the severity of the injury, the police were called to intervene. Shockingly, Oluwatosin went missing for more than a week, raising concerns among family and friends. The family even filed a missing person report at the Ago-Iwoye police station during this period.

Tragically, Oluwatosin’s lifeless body was later discovered on the Ijebu-Ijesha road, giving the impression of a motor accident. However, a compassionate eyewitness anonymously reached out to the family, revealing crucial details about the incident. According to the witness, Oluwatosin was knocked down with an iron rod, and the police, instead of providing medical attention, allegedly transported him to the location where his body was found. They purportedly discarded his phone and orchestrated the scene to appear as a motor accident.

After several arrests, interrogations, and confessions at the park (chips), it was claimed that the police were involved in moving Oluwatosin and making his death look like a motor accident. The alleged attempt to conceal the truth, transport the victim out of their jurisdiction, and manipulate the circumstances surrounding his death has left many questioning the actions of those entrusted with public safety.

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Michael expressed profound heartbreak over the incident and called for government and relevant authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly. The hope is that those responsible for Oluwatosin’s death will be held accountable, preventing such tragic occurrences in the future.

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