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Uninformed Benue Fulani herdsmen massacre remarks: You are wrong! Prof. Agaji blasts Gov. Alia



Benue State governor, Hyacinth Iormem Alia

A learned scholar, Prof. Agaji Iorshase has lambasted the Benue State Governor, Mr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, following some ‘uninformed’ remarks he made over the recent massacre perpetrated by murderous Fulani herdsmen in Benue State.

Diaspora Digital Media (DDM) had reported that Governor Iormem Alia blamed his own people for the massacre meted on them by the murderous gang.

Speaking on the plight of Benue residents during a requiem mass held in the state, Alia had said:

“Our children who are fighting for power, will now move all the way out of the state to invite the armed herders to come back into the state to help them fight for supremacy.

“And the end result is what we have at hand, numerous deaths of the citizenry.

“On my way to this requiem mass, I received some news that some young people in Gwer East numbering 15 were killed last night by invaders.”

He added: “We now tried to find out properly what caused it. The other youths now rose to move to find out what the problems are.

“Some members of the youths rustled some cows, slaughtered them and they have them in the wheelbarrow and are selling around.

“When these acts are done, they come with a cost of loss of life,” he concluded.

Watch the video clip of the remarks by Benue governor below:

Read the full report below:

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Benue Governor, Alia hastily blames his own people for Fulani herdsmen massacre without proper intel

Prof. Agaji, in response to what the governor said in favour of the armed Fulani attackers, stressed that he was poorly informed.

Reacting to Governor Alia’s remarks, Agaji said: “I watched with surprise a video circulating on social media with someone who looks like the Gov of Benue state Hyacinth Alia talking about 15 young people killed in Gwer East.

“I believe the Gov in the video is referring to the killings in Mbaikyor in Mbalom Council Ward of Gwer East.

“I want to state that my name is Prof Agaji Iorshase and I am from Mbaikyor where the killings took place.

“That I represented the community yesterday when the Caretaker Chairman of Gwer East came with the Security Adiver (Col Anshungu rtd.) and Commander of Special Forces Gen Rabiu to condole with the community at Wandor Village.

“I want to state that I know all the people killed except the small boy. I want to clarify some misrepresentation in the video.

“To start with 16 people were killed as opposed 15 that the Gov talked about.

“Secondly the killed are not all young. Infact majority of the people are elderly people.

“The Ate twins ie Asan Ate and Asough Ate are approaching 90 years and cannot be described by any standard as young.

“Asough Ate and Asan Ate couldn’t even run on account of old age and were killed.

“Asough was burnt by the attackers.

“MWO Julius Mbatsavvum Gbatar (rtd.), Peter Tion, Akuma Kpenge, Nyityo Tion  John Ndahgh Tyohemba are all above 60 years of age.

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“In fact, Akuma Kpenge was sick so when the attack started he was taken and hidden somewhere, yet the attackers traced and killed him.

“Tertsegha Ukombor, Doopinen Awua and Abume Najime are all in their early 50’s.

“In the video the Gov said that young men rustled cows and were selling meat in wheelbarrows. This is not true.

“The Governor concluded in the video that such acts like rustling come with consequences.

“The video completed without the Gov condemning the killings.

“The paramount questions here are:

(1) Are we in a jungle in Benue where survival is by might?

(2) Where is the anti-open grazing law?

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