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Very Dark Man: Nigerian senators, lawmakers sleep with Bobrisky



Martins Vincent Otse, Very Dark Man (VDM), versus Idris Okuneye, Bobrisky

Famous bodybuilder, Martins Vincent Otse, also known as Very Dark Man (VDM), has revealed that Nigerian senators and lawmakers sleep with popular cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, generally known as Bobrisky.

Very Dark Man made this statement on his Instagram handle March 18, 2024.

Very dark man said this while referring to an interview with another popular Nigerian cross dresser, Abuja Area Mama, on a video that went viral.

Area Mama said in her interview: “I am gay; I realized I was gay when I was 10 years old.

“I only do men; I am looking for a good man to come into my life and marry me.”

Abuja Area Mama, who said she is Bobrisky’s senior colleague, finally came out of the closet on TV.

Very dark man said he doesn’t blame Area Mama because he started at a very young age.

VDM went ahead to add: “At the comment section people are saying Area Mama should be arrested.

“The lawmakers that enforce the law (sic), should start by arresting Bobrisky.”

He also revealed that many Nigerian senators and lawmakers sleep with Bobrisky.

This is why, he said, they can never arrest her and sentence her to 14 years in prison.

Bobrisky responds

Bobrisky, while responding to the accusation on Instagram shortly after VDM made the post, says:

“I know the guy that used to link Very Dark Man up with rich men in Lagos and Abuja.

“There are several tapes and videos of Very Dark Man doing the Iduplorplor and he was screaming so loudly in one of the videos.

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“Very Dark Man, the next time you ever dare mention my name again in your life, what will happen to you will shock you.”

Recently, during VDM’s Instagram small talks, he said: “Bobrisky is dating top police officers and senators.

“Bobrisky launders money for politicians; I dare the Nigerian police to arrest Bobrisky and sentence her to 14 years imprisonment.

“I will keep on calling out Nigerian senators and police until they come and arrest me and Bobrisky.

“It seems the law in Nigeria is for only poor people.”

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