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[VIDEO] Nigeria Police issues warning to house owners: tthoroughly profile your tenants



On Sunday, January 28, the Nigeria Police delivered a stern message in a tweet, cautioning house owners to prioritize thorough profiling of their potential tenants before renting out their properties.

The tweet, posted on the official Twitter handle of the Nigeria Police, underscored the importance of taking precautions in the tenant selection process. It read:

“Good morning friends! We trust you had restful nights and believe the weekend is being kind.

It is imperative to bring to our notices the necessity of thoroughly profiling those we let into our communities and our houses.

Ask questions before letting your apartment out to that tenant; question that scavenger in your community; profile your community guards and gatemen, and when responses don’t add up, kindly do not hesitate to let us in on such developments promptly.

As you live through this day, the last Sunday of the first month of the year, whether you are worshipping, relaxing, hitting the gym, or partying, please, be conscious enough to shun violence and embrace peace.

Have a blessed Sunday and a rewarding week ahead!”

This cautionary message from the police emphasizes the need for increased vigilance and due diligence in the process of renting out properties.

House owners are encouraged to inquire about the backgrounds of potential tenants, scrutinize community members, and assess the information provided by guards and gatekeepers.

The tweet explicitly calls for swift reporting to law enforcement when inconsistencies or suspicious behavior are observed.

The police’s directive aligns with efforts to enhance community safety and security, urging citizens to actively contribute to maintaining peaceful living environments.

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This warning is likely a response to recent incidents that may have prompted the police to emphasize the significance of proactive measures in ensuring the security of residential areas.

The tweet’s tone suggests a collaborative approach between law enforcement and the public in safeguarding neighborhoods and fostering a secure living environment.

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