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VIDEO: Online Uproar as Street Brawl Takes a Dark Turn in Ibadan



A video clip capturing a street brawl between two young men in Ibadan has become a topic of concern and discussion across the internet.

The footage depicts a confrontation between the duo, with the shorter individual repeatedly throwing punches at the taller counterpart, who eventually responds with two forceful punches that render the shorter individual unconscious.

The incident has sparked worry among netizens, who are questioning the severity of the consequences for the young men involved.

The primary concern revolves around the well-being of the individual who lost consciousness, with speculation ranging from potential serious injuries to the possibility of loss of life.

The situation raises legal implications for the taller participant, who may face charges such as manslaughter, depending on the outcome of the unconscious individual.

The severity of potential legal consequences could significantly impact the young man’s future, potentially leading to a lengthy prison sentence.

@Oluwanonso_Esq, an X user narrated similar experience:

I had a pro-bono client who spent 6 years at Ikoyi Prison without trial before my office took his case, because of something like this video. Let’s call him R.

What happened?

R used to work at the local government office at Ajah.

His colleague (Z) playfully slapped him at work one day.

R got angry and told Z to wait for him outside the local government office at close of work.

They engaged in a brief physical altercation outside the local government office and R picked up something that was lying on the road and hit Z’s head with it.

It was a broken bottle. R was not aware. Z died instantly.

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R was arrested by the onlookers and handed over to the Police.

This happened while I was still in Secondary School in 2011.

R was transferred to Ikoyi Prison and was there without trial until 2016 when a youth corps lawyer in my office took interest in his case.

We filed a fundamental rights application.

The Lagos State Government immediately charged him to court for manslaughter after being served with an application for enforcement of his fundamental rights.

His murder trial was almost hopeless.

We lost the fundamental rights case at the trial Court.

I took over the case on appeal in 2018 and it was only through this appeal against the judgment for enforcement of his fundamental rights that we were able to get him out in 2021.

R spent 10 years behind bars over a very avoidable argument.

Moral Lesson: avoid fighting with anybody for anything in Nigeria.

It may cost you your life or your liberty.

As the video continues to circulate online, discussions about the consequences of street violence and the need for conflict resolution mechanisms are gaining traction.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the real-world repercussions of physical altercations and the importance of seeking non-violent resolutions to conflicts.

See video below:

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