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USA Parades 12 Nuclear Stealth Bombers & Vows Jets Are Ready To Strike Anywhere (Photos, Video)



USA Parades 12 Nuclear Stealth Bombers & Vows Jets Are Ready To Strike Anywhere

As the Middle East hangs precariously, the United States of America showcased nearly its whole fleet of nuclear stealth bombers in a massive show of power.

The US Air Force issued a warning, saying that the B-2 Spirits are “ready to execute a global strike anytime, anywhere” and should only be used for the “most important missions.”

Heavy bombers with several roles that can deliver nuclear and conventional weapons are called B-2 Spirits.

The £1.6 billion beasts, which can reach speeds of up to 1000 km/h, are the priciest aircraft in the world and are intended to be almost undetectable to radar.

The two-pilot jet was designed primarily for intercontinental flights and has a 6,000-mile unrefueled range.

The US was testing its stealth bombers at the same time as tensions escalated earlier this week as Israel threatened to launch a “significant response” to Iran’s aerial attack last weekend.

Of the twenty B-2 Spirits in the fleet, twelve executed a terrifying “elephant walk” and flying pattern.

The uncommon aircraft were gathered for the “Spirit Vigilance” training exercise, which aims to make the airmen more equipped to conduct a stealth bombing mission.

The jets do a minimal interval takeoff and close formation taxiing as part of an exceptional aeronautic challenge.

On Monday, the 509th Bomb Wing aircraft were spotted on the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri’s runway.

The United States Air Force stated: “The routine training ensures that Airmen are always ready to execute global strike operations… anytime, anywhere.”

Col. Geoffrey Steeves, 509th Operations Group commander, stated the following on “Spirit Vigilance”: “This is a reminder that the B-2 Spirit bomber is the visible leg of nuclear triad.”

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The B-2 is, in a nutshell, the most strategic aircraft in the world.

It is the only aircraft in the world that can combine long-range strike, stealth, and payload.

“We are charged with delivering the nation’s most powerful weapons for our most important missions.”

The US has repeatedly urged restraint, and this morning Israel finally launched its long-awaited retaliation attack against Iran. This coincides with the stunning display of US airpower.

Within days of Tehran launching an unprecedented missile and drone barrage, a key Iranian air force installation next to one of its most valuable nuclear plants near the city of Isfahan was struck by a precision strike.

Iranian state television immediately went into damage control mode, saying that no land damage was done and that three drones were “destroyed” by its air defense batteries.

But amid worries that a full-scale conflict could break out across the volatile Middle East, the new strike poses a potential to further strain ties between the two bitter enemies.

Watch the Video below:

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