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Alex Song’s elbow incident in 2014 had a lasting impact on his son



In a recent interview, former Cameroon midfielder Alex Song revealed how his infamous elbow on Mario Mandzukic during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil had a profound and lasting impact on his son Nolan’s psyche.

The incident occurred when Croatia was leading by one goal, and Song’s actions resulted in a red card, reducing Cameroon to 10 men and ultimately leading to a 4-0 defeat.

Song recounted that his then 8-year-old son Nolan was deeply disappointed in him, asking “Dad, what did you just do?” in the dressing room after the game.

Song had to apologize to his children for his mistake, which was compounded by the harsh criticism he received from Cameroonians, including the media.

The media scrutiny and public backlash were intense, with many Cameroonians expressing their disappointment and anger towards Song’s actions.

This experience had a profound and lasting impact on Nolan, who was traumatized by the incident and its aftermath.

The young boy struggled to understand why his father, a role model and hero, would make such a mistake.

The incident also led to Nolan facing bullying and teasing from his peers, who would often remind him of his father’s error.

Years later, when Nolan became a professional player, he was asked if he would represent Cameroon, his father’s country.

He categorically stated that he would not play for Cameroon, citing that he does not feel any connection to the country. This decision was a clear indication of the lasting impact of the 2014 incident on Nolan’s life.

After discussing this with Nolan, Alex Song realized that his son was still mentally affected by the World Cup incident.

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He advised Nolan not to hold a grudge against Cameroon and encouraged him to play for the country if the opportunity arises.

Song wants his son to have a positive experience playing for Cameroon, unlike his own tumultuous time with the national team.

Currently, Nolan plays for RAAL La Louvière, a Belgian third-tier club. Despite his decision not to play for Cameroon, Nolan has shown great potential as a footballer, and his father is proud of the progress he has made.

Alex Song hopes that his son will one day reconsider his decision and play for Cameroon, but he also respects Nolan’s autonomy and decision-making.

The incident serves as a reminder of the far-reaching consequences of our actions, particularly for public figures like Alex Song.

The 2014 World Cup incident not only affected Song’s career but also had a lasting impact on his family, particularly his son Nolan.

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