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BREAKING: One shot as detained Nigerian soldiers protest maltreatment, poor feeding



Some of the detained soldiers in their cell

A soldier identified as Lcpl Charles Ekefure with 17NA/76/1660 has been reportedly shot following complaints by some detained soldiers who broke out of their cells (guardrooms) in Sokoto State, Northern Nigeria.

The incident occurred on Thursday at the 8 Division of the Nigerian Army in Sokoto amid the soldiers’ angst against poor welfare.

It was learnt that they had demanded to speak to Major General Mutkut Godwin, the GOC 8 Division, Nigerian Army.

A source on Friday said over 100 soldiers were detained at the 8 Division with 10 soldiers in each cell.

The source said some of the soldiers had been in detention for four to five years.

The source said, “There are 10 rooms in the facility and each room is supposed to take maybe two persons, it’s very small. But the rooms are now congested because there are almost 10 persons in a room and over 40 people are sleeping in the corridor.

“The incident happened on Thursday as the detained soldiers complained about their standard of living, broke the guardroom gate and demanded to speak with the GOC.

“Some officers later told them that the GOC was on the ground to speak with them but surprisingly the GOC was not there. But they opened fire on the soldiers. Lcpl Charles Ekefure and Lt Col JS Obot gave the order.

“Many soldiers are there who have not been receiving salaries for 2 to 3 years.

“While some of the soldiers in the detention have been there for 4 to 5 years now. Injustice has been taking place,” the source added.

Detained Nigerian Soldiers in Sokoto

Detained Nigerian Army men in Sokoto State

“Some of the soldiers have now been moved from the 8 Div provost guardroom where the incident happened to garrison guardroom, while some were moved to Airforce guardroom. Seven others were granted open arrest.”

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According to a learnt that the soldier who was shot had been taken to MRS Hospital in Sokoto.

“I understand that his bone was affected,” the source said.

Meanwhile, all efforts to reach the Army spokesperson, Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, were not successful as he didn’t answer calls or reply to messages sent to his mobile phone.


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