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BUSTED! Whistleblowers expose ICPC prosecutor, Osuobeni Ekoi Akponimisi’nha, as alleged fake lawyer, an impostor



Independent Corrupt Practices & Other Related Offences Commission [ICPC]

Whistleblowers, under the aegis of Eagle Eyes Transparency International, have exposed the prosecutor of the Independent Corrupt Practices & Other Related Offences Commission [ICPC], Mr. Osuobeni Ekoi Akponimisi’nha, as a fake lawyer and an impostor.

This was contained in two documents obtained by Diaspora Digital Media (DDM), both dated 3rd June 2024.

The first document was a Petition filed by the Whistleblowers’ Assistant Research Analyst, one Mr. Musa Bello.

Mr. Bello signed the petition on behalf of Eagle Eyes Transparency International President.

The petition was addressed to the Chairman of Legal Practitioner’s Privileges Committee sitting at the Supreme Court of Nigeria located in Abuja, file number: ST/301/224B/20242B1.

In the petition, the Whistleblowers asked the Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee to initiate a “holistic screening of the most corrupted ICPC “legal practitioner” in the name of Osuobeni, Ekoi Akponimis’ngha”.

The petitioners alleged that Osuobeni was not registered to practice law as published by the Punch Newspaper and The Vanguard Newspaper and called for a discreet investigation on him.

“We further state in a clear categorical term that the above-named person purported to be a legal Practitioner is not found in the enrollment order of the supreme Court of Justice of Nigeria as at close of work on the 24th of May 2024,” the petition reads.

Citing a search result from Supreme Court of Justice Enrollment Section, it stated further:

“It is on this note that we state unequivocally that he must not and shall not be considered for the Rank of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) until his name is found on the enrollment order as a legal Practitioner as stipulated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Terms and Conditions that qualifies any legal Practitioner for the rank in Nigeria.

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“As it is now, there is no Legal Practitioner with the above name called to the Bar by the Supreme Court of Justice of Nigeria.”

The Whistleblowers prayed the Committee to “consider only qualified candidates who are Bonafide members of the Bar without blemishes” as Senior Advocates of Nigeria.

They also urged the Committee to note that the rank of Senior Advocates of Nigeria is meant for only legal Practitioners who are on the Enrollment Order of the supreme Court of Justice of Nigeria.

“We expect that, in the minimum, the ICPC Chairman and the Attorney General of the Federation ought to interdict this very “Legal Practitioner” for perjury, impersonation and giving of false information and deceiving the entire nation,” they added.

The petition was copied to the Secretary, Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee, Honorable Minister
of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, the President of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), and the ICPC Chairman, Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu.

The second petition with file number, ST/2223/30D, was addressed to the Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Abuja Judicial Division, to the attention of Justice Jude Onwuegbuezie, Court 32, Apo, Abuja.

The petitioners besought Justice Onwuegbuezie to “vacate the judgement of 30th May 2024 on the case before Your Lordship in case number HC/CR/.1049/2020, FRN vs Quadiri Ismail Adeyinka.

They alleged that the Prosecutor, Osuobeni Ekoi Akponimisi’nha, is an impostor and the name not on the enrollment order of Legal Practitioners in the Supreme Court of Justice of Nigeria as against what is on the Supreme Court Enrollment Order… as at 12:45 PM 24th May 2024.

The Whistleblowers stated further: “We have taken our time, interest and resources to monitor and evaluate the aforementioned case after the publication on the non-eligibility of one Osuobeni Ekoi Akponimisi’nha to practice law in Nigeria in line with the provision of ACJA 2015 and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on who can practice law in our courts in Nigeria.

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“We align ourselves with the position of the Motion filed before his Lordship Justice Omotosho of the Federal High court by the Defence Counsel in Charge Number FHC/ABJ/CR/511/2023 that the self-acclaimed Legal Practitioner’s name is not in the roll of Legal Practitioners in Nigeria as the close of work on Friday 24th Day of May 2024.

“As at 12:45 PM of 24th May 2024, the records from supreme Court of Justice is clear and reads: “Osuobeni Eko Akponimisinha.”

Eagle Eyes Transparency, therefore, “in the interest of justice, equity and fairness”, urged the court to vacate the verdict of court 32 of Apo, Abuja judicial division within seven of receipt of its petition.

The group supported the petition with its search from Supreme Court of Justice wherein Osuobeni’s name was missing from the Enrollment Order of the court.

It also prayed the court as follows:

1. Vacate the verdict of court 32, Apo, Abuja judicial division.

2. Demand for the Call to Bar Certificate of the Prosecution Counsel and compare with the processes filed.

3. Verify the certificates that qualifies him the title of “Dr.”, as well as the school, specific dates and names that awarded him the certificates.

The letter was copied to the Chairman, National Judicial Council of Nigeria and the Hon. Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of the Federation.

Reacting to the issue involving the ICPC Counsel, a whistleblower, Mr. George Davidson, blamed the judiciary for the rot in the system where all manner of evils happens.

During an interview with Diaspora Digital Media (DDM), he said:

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“The judiciary in Nigeria is becoming a terrific environment where a non-legal practitioner can practice law and send Nigerians to prison.

“Eagle Eyes Transparency international can confirm authoritatively that Osuobeni, Ekoi Akponimisi’nha is not found on the enrollment order of the Supreme Court of justice of Nigeria.

“The name is not on the Roll of legal practitioner in Nigeria and as such, can’t and shall not practice law in Nigeria talkies convicting Nigerians in any competent court of law in Nigeria.”

On the manipulative nature of Osuobeni, Davidson said: “The name Osuobeni, Ekoi Akponimisi’nha is a sham.

“He is a scam, an impostor. One begins to wonder how ICPC recruited a non-legal practitioner in the system.

“Nigerians must arise and stand firm for us to expose the scoundrels in the system.

“We are petitioning the various court nationwide to review and vacate all processes and verdicts from cases filed by this impostor in Nigerian courts.

“Osuobeni is an impostor from the records obtained from the Supreme Court of Justice Nigeria,” he concluded.

When contacted by DDM, Osuobeni  failed to respond to a questionnaire to validate or debunk the weighty allegations levelled against him.

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