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Dispelling Misconceptions About Igbo Traditions: A Clarification



By Muo Valentine

In response to recent statements circulating on Igbere TV regarding Igbo traditions and customs, it is essential to address potential misconceptions and provide accurate information. While the specific incident involving Yul and May Edochie is not the focus, the article aims to correct inaccuracies presented in the post.


The post suggests variations in cultural practices among Igbo tribes in Ebonyi state, particularly concerning the return of bride price. However, it is crucial to note that although different Igbo tribes may have specific customs, they share common cultural elements. Therefore, the claim asserting distinct practices based on the specific Igbo tribe is inaccurate.


As an individual of Igbo descent from Anambra state, it is emphasized that the tradition of returning bride price in some Igbo communities does not signify the loss of children by the father. Rather, it indicates a traditional separation between the couple, while the children still legally belong to the father. Conversely, if the bride price is not returned, it implies that no other man can pay her bride price, and if she were to remarry without returning it, the children she bears would be considered offspring of her former husband.


This clarification aims to provide accurate information about Igbo traditions and foster a better understanding of the cultural nuances that may differ across various Igbo communities. It is essential to approach discussions about cultural practices with sensitivity and a commitment to portraying them accurately.

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