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Kuzminov: Russian pilot that defected to Ukraine found dead



Maxim Kuzminov shot dead in Spain

The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine, Maxim Kuzminov, has been found dead in Spain on February 19, 2024.

Kuzminov was reportedly found dead, according to Ukrainian news media, Pravda, and several other news outlets.

The Russian pilot had defected to Ukraine by flying his helicopter across the border last year but was found shot dead last week.

He was 33 years old.

Why did Kuzminov defect to Ukraine?

According to the news reports, Maxim Kuzminov defected to Ukraine because he opposed Russia’s war on Ukraine.

He also said that Ukraine promised him $500,000 in state payments, new documents and protection for his family.

However, Kuzminov did not stay in Ukraine and moved to Spain, where he was killed.

Why was Kuzminov killed?

His defection was seen as a major coup for Kyiv following a six-month intelligence operation.

He had received a monetary reward from Ukraine for the delivered equipment, but he decided to leave the country and go elsewhere.

The motive and the perpetrator of Kuzminov’s killing are still unknown, but some suspect it could be related to his defection.

Russia’s spy chief called him a “moral corpse” and implied he deserved his fate.

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence expressed their condolences to Kuzminov and his family and praised him as a “real warrior and honest man”.

What is the current situation in Ukraine?

In the meantime, the current situation in Ukraine is tense and unstable, as the country is still at war with Russia and its proxy forces in the east.

Ukraine has recaptured some of the occupied territory, but the frontlines have remained stable for almost a year.

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Ukraine is also facing frostbite and shell shortage in some of the key towns, such as Avdiivka.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has warned of an ‘artificial deficit’ of weapons and asked for more support from the US and NATO.

The president of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden, has assured Zelensky that the US will send $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Russian troops take control of chemical plant in Ukraine

Meanwhile, in a recent development, Russian troops have taken control of a chemical plant in Eastern Ukraine.

A video released online showed soldiers from Russia’s Central Military District purportedly taking full control of the chemical plant.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed that the successful mission took place in the city of Avdiivka, in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast, on February 19.

In a statement, the Ministry stated:

“The group of soldiers from the Central Military District has taken full control of the coke-chemical plant in the Avdiivka direction.

“Russian flags have been hoisted on the administrative buildings of the plant.

“Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their disorderly retreat.

“The Russian Armed Forces are striking fortified areas of the enemy, inflicting artillery and aviation fire damage.”

It could be recalled that Russia launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

The war in Ukraine has reportedly caused more than 13,000 deaths and displaced over 1.5 million people.

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