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Lagos ranks 19th best city to visit globally, says Time-Out survey



Lagos, Nigeria, has secured the 19th spot on the list of the best cities to visit globally, according to a survey conducted by Time Out, a publication known for its city guides and magazines.

Lagos State, Nigeria

The survey incorporated responses from over 20,000 city dwellers worldwide, along with insights from Time Out’s network of editors.

Apart from Lagos, only two other African cities made it to the list—Cape Town in South Africa claimed the second position, and Accra in Ghana secured the 44th spot.

The criteria for evaluating cities included food quality and affordability, culture, nightlife, overall city ambiance, community vibes, access to green spaces, historical sites, and more.

The report encourages global citizens to explore Lagos, describing it as Africa’s most populous city with offerings for both mainland and Lekki residents.

Lagos State, Nigeria

Eko Atlantic City, a live-work-play concept, and the booming Epe on the north side of Lekki Lagoon were highlighted as areas of expansion.

The report also pointed out Lagos’s high standard of living, citing a 96% happiness rate among locals, a 98% acknowledgment of the city’s beauty, and a 92% friendliness rating.

Key spots in Lagos, such as Victoria Island with its resorts, food havens, and nightlife, Ikeja’s Kuti’s Bistro known for “reliably delicious food,” and Oniru Beach as a relaxation spot, were spotlighted in the report.

Notably, in 2023, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Lagos as the fourth-worst city to live in globally.

However, Time Out’s recent recognition sheds a positive light on Lagos’s appeal as a travel destination.

The Top 10 cities on the Time Out list include New York City, Cape Town, Berlin, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Liverpool, Tokyo, Rome, and Porto. Lagos stands out as the 19th best city, showcasing its diverse attractions and cultural richness on the global stage.

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The report surveyed 173 cities and used 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

– New York City, United States

-Cape Town, South Africa

-Berlin, Germany

-London, United Kingdom

-Madrid, Spain

-Mexico City, Mexico

-Liverpool, UK.

-Tokyo, Japan

-Rome, Italy

-Porto, Portugal

-Paris, France

-Mumbai, India

-Lisbon, Portugal

-Chicago, US

-Manchester, UK

-São Paulo, Brazil

-Los Angeles, US

-Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-Lagos, Nigeria

-Melbourne, Australia

-Naples, Italy


-Miami, US

-Bangkok, Thailand

-Lima, Peru

-Budapest, Hungary

-Beijing, China

-Dubai, United Arab Emirates

-Montreal, Canada

-Glasgow, UK

-Sydney, Australia

-Bueno Aires, Argentina

-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-Manila, Philippines

-Seoul, South Korea

-Hanoi, Vietnam

-San Francisco, US

-Barcelona, Spain

-Abu Dhabi, UAE

-New Orleans, US

-Philadelphia, US

-Austin, US

-Boston, US

-Accra, Ghana

-Marseille, France

-Taipei, Taiwan

-Istanbul, Turkey

-Osaka, Japan

-Hong Kong, China

-Vancouver, Canada

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