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O.J. Simpson, whose 1995 murder trial thrilled the world, dies



O.J. Simpson

Former American National Football League (NFL) star, O.J. Simpson, whose murder trial thrilled the world in the nineties, has died.

O.J. Simpson died aged 76 after a long battle with cancer, according to family sources.

His family disclosed this in a statement on Twitter, formerly X, on Wednesday.

The statement said that he died of cancer, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

Who was O.J. Simpson?

O.J. Simpson was a professional athlete, actor, broadcaster, and spokesman for multiple companies in the USA.

He rose to fame as a college footballer before playing in the NFL.

Born Orenthal James Simpson on July 9, 1947, O.J. Simpson was an American football player, actor, and broadcaster.

His legacy is multifaceted, encompassing both athletic prowess and legal controversy.

The former American footballer, it could be recalled, was controversially cleared of double murder in 1995.

He was acquitted of the murder of his former wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in a trial that awed Americans.

Thirteen years later, in 2008, O.J. Simpson was, however, later jailed on charges of armed robbery.

He was sentenced to 33 years in prison and was released in 2017 after serving nine years in prison.

Here are some key points about O.J. Simpson:

OJ SImpson in court second time for armed robbery trial

OJ Simpson in court a second time for an armed robbery trial

Football Career

O.J. Simpson played in the National Football League for 11 seasons, primarily with the Buffalo Bills.

He is regarded as one of the greatest running backs of all time.

During his time with the Bills, he received five consecutive Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro selections from 1972 to 1976.

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In 1973, O.J. Simpson became the first NFL player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season, earning him the NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) title.

OJ, as he was fondly called by friends, holds the record for the single-season yards-per-game average at 143.1.

His college football career at USC included winning the Heisman Trophy as a senior.

Controversial Legal History

Simpson’s professional success was overshadowed by his trial and acquittal for the murders of his former wife and her friend in 1994.

Although he was acquitted in the criminal trial, a civil trial found him liable for the double murder.

Later, he served nine years in prison for his role in a botched armed robbery.

The trial was one of the most notorious in 20th Century America, as Prosecutors argued O.J. Simpson killed Brown in a jealous fury.

Evidence presented in the trial included blood, hair and fibre tests linking Simpson to the murders.

The defence argued Simpson had been framed by police, motivated by racism.

In one of the most memorable moments in the trial, prosecutors asked Simpson to wear a pair of blood-stained gloves found at the scene of the murder.

O.J. Simpson was seen struggling to put on the gloves.

The blunder led to one of his lawyers, Johnnie Cochrane, telling the jury in his closing arguments: “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

The jury ultimately sided with Simpson, who declared he was “absolutely 100% not guilty”.

The acquittal proved hugely controversial.

Post-Football Pursuits

After retiring from football, O.J. Simpson pursued an acting and broadcasting career.

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The former football running back, broadcaster, and actor has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Here are some notable ones:

1. Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994):
Role: Nordberg
IMDb Rating: 6.5

2. The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991):
Role: Nordberg
IMDb Rating: 6.9

3. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988):
Role: Det. Nordberg
IMDb Rating: 7.6

4. The Towering Inferno (1974):
Role: Jernigan
IMDb Rating: 7.0

5. 1st & Ten (1986–1991) (TV Series):
Role: T.D. Parker
Total Episodes: 67

Additionally, Simpson has been involved in other projects, including TV movies, short films, and documentaries.

His acting career extended beyond football, leaving a lasting impact on both sports and entertainment history.

Final days

On April 10, 2024, he died at the age of 76 due to cancer.

His life remains a complex and impactful chapter in the history of America. Read more.

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