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Plateau Massacre: Don’t Be Like Buhari, Go For Killers Now, Ex- Speaker Tells Tinubu




Former Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has told President Bola Tinubu to man up and go after terrorists perpetrating the killings in Plateau, saying that the path taken by his predecessor, ex-president Mohammadu Buhari, allowed the killings across the country to fester this long.

The former president, an army general, indulged pretty much in hand wringing, regular platitudes mourning victims of terrorism and banditry that were hallmarks his eight year administration.

But Dogara is saying the President Tinubu is getting dangerously close to playing the same card in handling the matter at hand.

Former members of the House of Representatives made this observation while on a condolence visit to the Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang, over the recent killing of about 200 people in Bokkos and Barkin- Ladi local government areas of the state by criminals.


“So, my call, therefore, is to the president to rise up and for him to know that condolences at this moment, whether on the Plateau or elsewhere in the country, are better given in form of decisive action against the perpetrators of these violence and not by mere words.” he said.

Dogara added that the president should put an end to the killing of innocent Nigerians by criminals, stressing that the killings were becoming worrisome in the country.

Dogara urged the president to address the situation by ensuring that those behind the dastard act are brought to justice, adding that  those responsible for the genocide and orgy of violence must be stopped by all means by the government.

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“The perpetrators of these violence and other acts are not just crazy but are very dangerous, and the truth is that they won’t just stop until we stop them.

“We must stop them. Who has the responsibility to stop them? It is the commanders-in-chief, but previously, they reduced themselves to mourners-in-chief instead”

“It means using whatever coercive security apparatus we have as a nation to locate where these perpetrators are and their sponsors wherever they are littered in the ungoverned spaces that we have in Nigeria whether in Plateau, Nasarawa, Benue, Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto or in southern Kaduna or in the south. We must locate them and after locating them, the commander-in-chief must take justice to them or bring them to justice”

“The failure to either take justice to them or bring them to justice has always been the bane of the fight against terrorism and violence in Nigeria because it emboldens them. If they will kill on the Plateau and go scot-free, why won’t they kill in any other state in the North and in the South?

“Failure to act at that level is more or less an incentive for them to continue to deploy this unbridled violence on the people.



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