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Ruling party’s youth leader seeks Nigeria, Morocco collaboration on municipal administration



Dayo Isreal APC

Hon. Dayo Isreal,  National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Nigeria’s ruling party at the center, has explained that his party will focus on improving governance at the local council level in the country, adding that this mission informed his recent meeting with the Mayor of Rabat, Morocco’s capital.

Hon. Israel made this disclosure in Ilorin, city capital of Kwara, North Central Nigeria, on Monday where he was a guest at the First Adolescent And Youth Conference organized by the state government.

Federal government has recently began a campaign to further strengthen local government autonomy, challenging state governments in the country who appear to have usurped roles and powers of the municipal councils.

President Bola Tinubu in recent pronouncements has stated what appears to be new focus of his administration to strengthen governance and administration at the local council level.

APC’s youth leader says that such venture will be further helped if young leaders are helped to build their capacity.

“I just came back from Morocco, where I met with the Mayor of Rabat and we signed a partnership to be able to drive local government leaders in Nigeria and the city of Rabat.

“It is called the Progressive Mayors and City Council Leaders Capacity Building and Leadership Development Program.

“The initiative is meant to build and train young people in the public sector, in particular at the local council level and also at the councilor level to give them capacity to perform in office.

“It is one thing for you to be giving ticket to run for office for chairman.

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“We are also concerned about the capacity of young men to take office at the local level on the platform of our party. This is because if they fail the party takes the blame.

“That is why I initiated the Progressive Young Mayors and Council Leaders Program to drive the agenda of young politicians,” Israel said in Ilorin.

The Kwara State government on Tuesday started the very first of its Youth and Adolescent conference in a bid to enhance problem solving capacity in youths in the state.

“A lot of negative things are out there especially on social media and forums like this are needed.

“We need a value and national orientation,” Israel added.

He said that the last one year of President Bola Tinubu has been to see how young people could be mainstreamed into politics and governance.

“This has been my passion.

“As a party, we are passionate about youth inclusion.

“Particularly under this dispensation, of the party, before I became the National youth Leader, there has never been this drive for rebate for party nomination form.

“But when we came on board, I was able to successfully negotiate for 50 percent discount for every young person under the age of 40 for nominations form for the party.

“Even if you are contesting for Presidency, Governorship or National Assembly, whatever you are contesting for, you are entitled to a discount.

“My goal with other stakeholders of the party is to ensure that we can have young people in the election. We also concerned about the role of young people taking a role at the grassroots as councilors and chairman. We need to prepare them for tomorrow from today,” he said.

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