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Tragedy averted after woman & child swept away by wind in China



Tragedy averted after woman and child were swept away by wind in China

Tragedy was, on June 30, 2024, averted after an unidentified woman and her daughter were swept away by wind in Dezhou, a city in Shandong Province in China.

This was contained in a video clip released by New York Post following the incident last week.

According to reports, a security guard, Mr. Wang Chuanfeng, came to the rescue of the terrified woman who was almost blown away by the raging storm and the tragedy was averted.

Because of his heroic acts, the management of the mall where the incident took place, rewarded Mr. Chuanfeng.

The report noted that the management presented him with an honorary certificate.

ViralPress, a media outfit, reported: “This is the dramatic moment a security guard rescued a mother and daughter blown away by a storm in China.

“Wang Chuanfeng, 59, heroically saved the family from fierce winds that knocked over vehicles and huge posters in Dezhou, Shandong, on June 30.

“Footage shows the worker rushing towards the pair and safely bringing them back inside the mall.

“In recognition of his actions, the management rewarded the caring man with 500 Chinese yuan (around 54 Pounds Sterling) and presented him with an honorary certificate.

“Several regions of the country have been experiencing extreme weather conditions, including floods and landslides.”

Extreme weather conditions in China

China has been experiencing extreme weather conditions recently.

Here are some notable events:

  • Record Rains in Southwest China

In another tragedy, six people were killed due to record rains in southwest China.

Torrential downpours struck Dianjiang county, near the megacity of Chongqing, from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.

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The rain caused mudslides and flooding, resulting in fatalities and disruptions.

Nearly 7,000 people were affected by rainstorms, and up to nearly 25.5 centimeters of rain fell in parts of Dianjiang.

That was the highest daily maximum on record.

  • Drought and Flooding

China is facing two weather extremes simultaneously.

Heavy rain and flooding have led to the evacuation of tens of thousands of people in the south.

On the other hand, a heat wave in the north has raised concerns about drought for farmers.

  • Climate Change Impact

China’s key urban centers, including Beijing and Shanghai, are expected to experience hotter and longer summers.

They are also expected to experience wetter rainy months due to climate change.

The country’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is crucial in addressing extreme weather events.

It could be noted that China’s efforts to mitigate climate change play a vital role in managing extreme weather.

China is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions contributing to its tragedies.

How global greenhouse gas emissions result in tragedy

Here are some key points:

CO2 Emissions

China emits 27% of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) and accounts for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2019, China emitted 12.7 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e), making it the largest emitter globally.

Its emissions have more than tripled over the past three decades, driven by rapid industrialization and urbanization.

China has set ambitious goals, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2060, with a peak no later than 2030.

Recent Trends

In 2021, China’s greenhouse gas emissions were around 5% above pre-pandemic levels, reaching 14.1 billion tonnes of CO2e (excluding land use changes).

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However, the country’s carbon dioxide emissions grew at their fastest pace in more than a decade, increasing by 15% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2021.

Little wonder why tragedy situations in China are on the increase.

Challenges and Coal Dependency

China remains heavily reliant on coal power, operating over 1,058 coal plants, which account for more than half of the world’s capacity.

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy requires significant resource shifts, innovation, and adoption of new technologies to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

China’s efforts are crucial in addressing climate change.

Meanwhile, global cooperation and agreements are essential to avert dangerous consequences.

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